OHIO is A Four Letter Word

rudeOr at least four letter words come from their mouths more than any other state.  In a recent study, The Marchex Institute determined that people from Ohio curse more than anyone else. Additionally, the data from Marchex found Ohio is one of the “Least Courteous” states, ranking 5th as the least likely to say “please” and “thank you”. (See http://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyclay/2013/05/15/how-rude-people-from-ohio-curse-more-than-anyone-else-2/).

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These behaviors are in exact contrast to the values that so many South Carolinians grew up with and cherish.  It is clear that as the population of Ohioans in SC increases, there will be a decrease in the courteousness that make us so genteel. Often our politeness and courtesy is what attracts Ohioans to visit and in some regrettable cases move here. Unfortunately they are changing the landscape and lowering the bar on politeness. They have a similar negative impact on driving, waiting in line, and common decency.

If you are from Ohio, please visit and enjoy our courtesy, but don’t move here and bring your foul mouth with you.  If you already moved here from Ohio, pack it up and take it home.  We’ll be sure to thank you on the way out.


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